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Who We Are


EPCenter aggregates a team of professionals with over twenty years of experience in both the design and technological

consulting to high-profile.

Just for the capacity and the passion of ours and our partners, we provide the best solutions for the problems related to the monitoring, storage and evaluation of data recorded by the instrumentation and integrated systems for the analysis of various kinds (electricity, gas, compressed air, industrial fluids, etc.) as well as of the parameters of the microclimate, noise and the demands of the market office, industrial and commercial.
We also provide technical analysis, project execution, tracking project documents and declarations of conformity/compliance, as related to the provisions of the D.M. 37/08.
Our references, dates precisely from the historian of each of the partners, ranging from the detailed design of multiplex cinema, hotel, industries with several thousand KW engaged, shopping centres, analysis and updates of projects of power supply systems absolute reliability necessary for all utilities of vital importance, such as flight assistance systems for airports, operating rooms, places with danger of explosion, etc.
Also, we have the skills to accompany our clients in the best strategic choices of the company, related to the protection of IT systems and radio communications digital corporate voice and data, in the end , through direct contact and highly sensitive, in a constructive dialogue, we are able to evaluate, "whether and how", to offer our contribution with respect to the needs, possibly, unresolved of our customers.

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New project or adaptation of existing system, we are ready to always give you the best.

Efficiency, security, communications, satellite telephone, system maintenance, industry 4.0,

home automation.




analisys of documents and/or compliance 

Solutions for problems related to the monitoring, storage and evaluation of the recorded data.

Verification project documents and declarations of compliance/compliance.


Our Applications

for maximum efficiency, all in a service

Solution for your business

About us

"Growing together ”and overcoming obstacles is the best way to follow our customers.


What we do


Experience - Performance - Competence - the right Choice : Enter then the EPCenter

Your company has need of Experience, Performance and Competence. Our solid and exclusive the triangle, which is necessary to the achievement of the goals for making them more efficient the energy system in all its amplitude, the security and the personalization of internal communications is related to the entry data, the management of manual processes through the knowledge information to a prompt and effective action of the maintenance personnel.

Not neglecting the operational efficiency, and therefore the possibility to find out in real time inside of the company website, even where the mobile network does not reach to cover effectively (basements, local shielded in concrete, etc.), the security staff, reception and management of emergencies in case of fire, earthquake, flooding, or chemical risk.


Guarantee all this, thanks to the solutions we can offer, it integrates perfectly with our international partners, as well as the leader of market, make available.


Hardware solutions, software, platform and managed in the cloud, wi-fi, devices with integrated “Man down” etc. because it is crucial in these cases as in the simple emergencies daily that the work place undergoes, obtain promptly the operators in charge, in order to know, to intervene and solve the problems.

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Epcenter S.r.l.

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